As a trainer and consultant, I have long been fascinated with what I now call the tipping point (thanks to Malcolm Gladwell’s book) for adoption of new ideas and trends within libraries.

Whether you already share my interest in trendwatching and helping to diffuse innovation or are just ready to test the waters, take a look at these two sources:

Trend Unit: Why we all can and should be trend watchers.
It provides an invaluable how-to source for both aspiring and experienced trend watchers with coverage ranging from why you should watch trends to setting up an inhouse Trend Unit in your organization.
Coolhunting: Chasing Down the Next Big Thing, by Peter Gloor and Scott Cooper.
For those of you who have the CLENE American Management Association (AMA) “Members Only” website access information, you can read a sample chapter of this AMA Book of the Month. Here’s an excerpt from the AMA blurb, The art of “coolhunting” involves identifying emerging and cutting-edge trends—whether it’s the next hot band or the next MySpace. The authors explain how to coolhunt and explore how the most innovative companies use coolhunting to their advantage.

If you are a CLENE member and do not have the AMA website access information, email me.