These tutorials have also made the rounds but are still worthy of note here for library training. It was Marianne Lenox’s Training 2.0 ning group that first turned me on to them. Produced by CommonCraft, they are called paperworks, a name whose appropriateness will be obvious as soon as you see one.

Currently, there are three of them: Wikis, RSS, and Social Networking –all of them “in plain English” and on plain white paper. I’m a great fan of low tech explanations of technology, not to mention the irony of using paper and crayon to explain electronic communication.

As the newest tutorial, Social Networking is not getting the rave responses of the previous two. Seems to be lacking that “wow!” factor. Is it perhaps that social networking is too complex for this format or, as one commenter suggests, it’s a no-brainer and doesn’t need a tutorial? I’ll let you decide.