At SOLINET, we are trying new and funky ways to make sure not only our fellow staff members know what we do, (hitting my co-workers on the head with a club hasn’t helped so far) – but also people we meet out in the field.  We created trading cards to give out – including some fun facts about ourselves but also some relevant information that would be useful to explain what we do and who we are, to people.  What we found was that some fellow staff members weren’t always sure who taught what – and who was responsible for what subject matters.   Hopefully this will be a fun way to get that information across.

If all goes well – meaning the cards have a warm reception by our staff members, we may give some out to attendees at our upcoming SAMM – (SOLINET Annual Membership Meeting).   The cost was quite good, and we even had them printed on post-consumer waste paper to fall in with our green initiatives this year. Just to give you an idea of the cost of the trading cards – we made 40 cards of 6 people each and it cost $70. The size of the cards when printed will be 3.5″ X  2.5″. We are doing a Training Showcase here next Monday (24 March) to promote our newest classes to staff members and each will get one of our cards.

Here is an example of the front of my card:

Trading Card of Max - Front

And the back of my card:

Trading Card of Max - Back
What sorts of interesting promotional things do you do?