I posted on BlogJunction about the Dangerous Ideas session at PLA, where a panel of “dangerous” thinkers* posed a series of “what if” questions about the future of libraries, and the audience responded with their own “what ifs.” I saved the staff training thoughts for CEBuzz.

  • What if ALL library staff were required to have expertise with technology?
  • What if we learned to embrace mistakes?
  • What if the tech-savvy library staff owned the responsibility for bringing everyone else up to speed?
  • What if all training was based on the premise of our shared passion for library service?
  • What if continuing education was required at a national level?

Are you feeling uncomfortable? Good. Do you have any dangerous ideas lurking in your head? Good. The panel suggested that every library should stage “Unthinkable Thought Days.” Gather, brainstorm, and ask your group these three questions:

  • Why does this thought make me uncomfortable?
  • What are the opportunities in this idea?
  • What actions can be taken to pursue the opportunities?

Get into the dangerous mix at whatiflibs.wetpaint.com.

*Panelists: Deirdre Routt/Omaha PL, Stacey Aldrich/California State Library, Brian Auger/Howard County Library, Amy de Groff/Howard County Library, Rivkah Sass/Omaha PL