by Maurice Coleman, Technical Trainer at Harford County (MD) Public Library and blogger at The Chronicles of the (almost) Bald Technology Trainer

I am pleased to announce to the all in the ALA CE Buzz/CLENE community a new podcast called T is for Training UPDATE: Here is the link to the Episode 2: How I Stumbled Into Training mp3.

The podcast was started because I did not find a podcast that spoke to me or my colleagues about training issues with a library slant.  In fact, it found almost nothing out in the podcasting world there that talked about training at all.

So, with the encouragement of some library cohorts, I started the podcast T is for Training.

Episode 2 is coming up on Friday September 26th at 2 pm Eastern and we would love to have you listen live or subscribe to our feed. For those into social networking, we have a delicious tag (tisfortraining,) a FriendFeed page, a Facebook Page and a LinkedIn Group.  Network with your fellow trainers at any of these sites.

Here is what we talked about on the first episode:

Dealing with Information Overload (Article by Sarah Houghton-Jan) ;
What is a/your personal learning environment? (Article) and Dealing with your staff personal training needs;
What tools do you use to transfer your small burst/Just in Time Trainings?
What kinds of skills do we need to teach in library school to encourage quality training?

The second episode’s talking points like this:

Undercover Training: How do you handle those “outside of your system” training opportunities;
Do you want to go to ALA? Or CIL or LITA?
Qualify and Certify: Trainer Certifications, Qualifications and Organizations.

We also will begin each show with introductions and close the show, as time permits, with From the Back Room a space to find support and ask for help.  The posts after each episode will be annotated with links to resources discussed in the podcast.  I want this podcast to be dedicated but not obsessed with training in libraries.

So please join us live, on our feed or on the blog!  See you there!

Special thanks to Peter Bromberg, at South Jersey Regional Library Cooperative (SJRLC), for extending the invitation to talk with all of you about T is for Training.