Networked TeacherThere is a lot of talk about the new wired and networked student, but where does that leave teachers and trainers?

Alec Couros considers what it means to be a networked teacher and his ideas informed the last minute of this video on The Networked Student.

Networked Teacher roles Far from being rendered obsolete, the networked teacher has a powerful set of functions in the realm of social learning. Relieved of the sage-on-the-stage burden, teachers can explore new territory.

  • Learning architect: helps students to build learning networks
  • Modeler: provides guidance when students get stuck
  • Learning concierge: helps students with communication etiquette and how and where to ask for information
  • Connected learning incubator: provides guidance on how to vet resources and identify quality information
  • Network sherpa: organizes the mountains of information
  • Synthesizer: helps students navigate beyond the  course and develop real knowledge for their futures
  • Change agent: helps students to “creatively solve the world’s problems”

These are good roles to consider in terms of “training” (outmoded term) library staff, but don’t you think all of these roles could apply to librarians and their patrons of all ages?