There’s a great online social bookmarking service that recently came to my attention ( that the CLENE community (and all interested in staff development and training) can use to share bookmarks of interest with each other

diigo logo

diigo logo

Playing around today, I set up a CLENERT group at: and added a few of my own bookmarks.

Diigo has many nice features including:

  • RSS feed for new content (
  • Ability to comment on and discuss bookmarks
  • Automatic caching of bookmarked pages!
  • Ability to view new bookmarks as a slideshow (great for those of us who are visual)
  • Browser based bookmarklet (which allows highlighting, commenting AND virtual sticky notes–so you can annotate those bookmarks!!)

If you want to try it, simply go to, click join and add a few bookmarks.  I highly recommend adding the “diigolet” bookmarklet to your browser toolbar–it makes bookmarking and annotating a snap!!  If fact, Pandia Search Engine News just listed it as #1 among the top 5 bookmarking tools.

There are many more possibilities here… I think Diigo lends itself beautifully to collaborative working/learning projects.   So, whaddya all think?

Here’s a 4 minute intro video:

(If video doesn’t play, go to: