A message from CLENE President Stacy Schrank and CLENE VP, Pat Carterette:

Dear CLENE Round Table Members,

CLENE Board members and some members-at-large have been meeting virtually each month since January (using OPAL web-conferencing software) to discuss ongoing round table business and projects. This has been a wonderful way to communicate with each other.

We would like to encourage all CLENE members to participate in our virtual monthly meetings. This is a great way for members to connect, communicate and collaborate.

Below is our online meeting schedule for the remainder of 2009. CLENE virtual meetings run from 2:00-3:00 EDT.

• Wednesday, June 10
• Thursday, July 16
• Wednesday, August 12
• Thursday, September 17
• Wednesday, October 14
• Thursday, November 19
• Wednesday, December 9

I strongly urge you to attend the June 10th meeting. We will be discussing a proposed name change for the CLENE Round Table and we want your input!

A recent survey sent out to people involved in training, staff/professional development and continuing education suggested that most people, including CLENE members, have no clue what the CLENE acronym stands for.

The proposed name change is from CLENE Round Table to the LEARNING Round Table. Learning is what we do, what we’re passionate about and what we promote. We’re not all trainers, we’re not all educators but we’re ALL learners… and learning is what brings us all together.

ALA’s deadline for requesting a name change is June 12th. Please join the virtual meeting on June 10th and put in your two CEnts worth before it’s too late.

If you can’t attend the next virtual meeting, please send comments or questions about the name change to Stacy Schrank, CLENE President (sschrank [at] metrolibrary.org) or Pat Carterette, CLENE Vice-President (pcarterette [at] georgialibraries.org).
Join the CLENE virtual meeting in OPAL a few minutes prior to each meeting: http://www.conference321.com/masteradmin/room.asp?id=rs423c62c43df0

If you’ve never used OPAL before, be sure to run the set-up Wizard. Here is a link to a document on how to use OPAL: http://www.opal-online.org/OPALgettingstarted.htm

Thank you for your continued support!

Stacy and Pat

P.S. The next issue of the CLENExchange is coming soon and includes a listing of all the CLENE events taking place in Chicago. Hope to see you there!