pb.jpgPeter Bromberg, Managing Editor. Peter is the Assistant Director of the South Jersey Regional Library Cooperative (SJRLC), a multi-type library cooperative in Southern New Jersey. In addition to working on exciting initiatives such as QandANJ.org and the “Trading Spaces” project, he provides continuing education and staff development opportunities to the staff of over 630 libraries in South Jersey. Peter has previously served on the CLENE Board as Secretary, and is currently the webmaster and membership chair. He also blogs with a great group of librarians over at Library Garden.  Pete is also doing professional coaching and is available to speak/train on a variety of topics  (see: http://peterbromberg.com) He can be reached at peterbromberg[at]gmail.com.

Betha’s Head ShotBetha Gutsche has been a virtual librarian ever since receiving her MLIS from the University of Washington. Starting at WebJunction as the Community Associate, she facilitated discussion forums, hosted live online events, and collected stories about the library community. Now, as a Curriculum Developer for e-learning initiatives, she is involved in needs assessment, e-learning design, webinars, and all things connected to online learning. Betha is the editor-in-chief of the recently published Competencies for Sustaining Public Access Computing Programs. Just to keep her feet on the ground, she volunteers weekly with the ESL department of her central library, where she teaches basic computer skills.

Jay TurnerJay Turner, Staff Development Manager at Gwinnett County Public Library in Georgia, is responsible for all aspects of staff development for a staff of 287 employees. He considers himself a lifelong student, and delights in sharing his passion for learning with anyone willing to listen (much to their chagrin!)

Jay looks to serve his internal customers with the same alacrity that he has demonstrated to his external customers over the years.

ps_logo2.gifPaul Signorelli is a writer, trainer, and consultant for libraries and nonprofit organizations, has more than 20 years of experience working with libraries, nonprofits, and educational organizations in the United States and abroad. He served as Director of Volunteer Services and Staff Training for the San Francisco Public Library system; has written for a variety of newspapers and magazines; and has been contributing articles about staff training and Web 2.0 to Infopeople’s Infoblog since October 2007. He serves as Content Liaison for Infopeople’s webcast and webinar presenters, and is an active member of CLENE, ASTD (at the national and local–San Francisco Bay Area—level), IFLA, PEN, PLA, and almost any other organization that uses acronyms indecipherable to those unfamiliar with them. He can be reached via e-mail at paul [at] paulsignorelli.com or through Paul Signorelli & Associates in San Francisco (http://paulsignorelli.com).

6 Responses to “Authors”

  1. Rita Kaiser Says:

    Just heard about this – have added it to my rss reader so I can keep up with what you all are talking about regading training. Thanks for the blog.

  2. Mary Says:

    Mary Ross is my name also!!!

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