Trainers, like comedians, are great at borrowing material and making it their own. Fortunately, there’s an abundance of material, a copious urge to share, and the cyber-spatial means to do it. It’s not so much about avoidance of “reinventing the wheel” (why not?); it’s about envisioning new wheels built from found parts.

1. Some additions to the already robust CEBuzz blogroll:

Learning 2.1
The sequel to the world-famous Learning 2.0 program from PLCMC, this blog extends the discovery and play—“mashing up 21st century skills with lifelong learning.” I got my Meez (at right) through a link on this blog. (My apologies for being too cheap to purchase a more sophisticated gesture.)

Presentation Zen

It’s a bit heavy on the promotion of their upcoming book at the moment, but generally a trove of all things presentation, like where to get good images or Yoda v. Darth Vader.


A longtime favorite of mine for Will Richardson’s perspective on integrating cool tech tools into K-12 education, “working with kids every day helping them (I hope) become literate navigators of this increasingly challenging world,” and dealing with innovation overload.

2. A newsletter:
New Neat Stuff

I’ve subscribed to this newsletter for nearly five years and I continue to be amazed at Marylaine Block’s ability at resource discovery, like Wikivid, free video tutorials for course creation, and the Video Toolbox, links to video how-to’s, editors, converters, hosting, and more.

3. A resource list:
Stephanie Gerding’s Training Resources

I have described Stephanie as a super model of library training and an inspiring train-the-trainer. She’s generous about sharing her expertise and great at finding free resources.

4. And one example of information organization that is so comprehensive and elegantly organized as to make Edward Tufte drool:
Periodic Table of Visualization Methods